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About us

Kreda was founded in 2013 to support new residents in the Bollenstreek region. Its aim is to organize activities in order to improve their quality of life and functioning in the Netherlands. Quickly Kreda became a known and appreciated centre of education: an institution supporting the development and education of non-native speakers, not only in the Bollenstreek region, but nationwide in the Netherlands. 

Kreda is a volunteer organization. Approximately 50 people are engaged in all kinds of tasks. Our headquarters are located in the centre of the Bollenstreek region, in Lisse and consists of an office/meeting room and two classrooms.

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What do we do?

Kreda is primarily an education centre and meeting place. Here we offer language and integration courses. In addition, social activities are organized and migrants are supported in finding their way in Dutch society and education. It turns out, that apart from language courses there is an increasing need for social activation, such as training to enter the Dutch labour market, to better function at workplaces and to better integrate generally in the Netherlands. For these issues, Kreda has recently developed various, custom made training courses.

Every second Wednesday, there are Dutch language support lessons for non-Dutch speaking children are held. Children of Polish descent can learn about their cultural background and the basics of their language in the Poolse School Bollenstreek.

In the past years Kreda has gained a lot of expertise in the field of bringing-up and educating bi- and multilingual children. We advise and (structurally) support, in varying ways, parents, schools and supporting organisations.

Every Friday morning, the Mother and Baby Club meets, which allows mothers with children under 4 years old to meet and share experiences and for the children to play.
In the morning Polish speaking mothers and children meet, in the afternoons Arabic-speaking ones.