Exam training and language coaching

For those who prepare for the integration (inburgering) exam (A2) and fort he Dutch state exams NT2, programme I (B1) and programme II (B2) Kreda offers special exam training and language coaching in small groups of 4 students max.

Students who prepare for the integration (inburgering) exam (A2) can attend exam training in order to improve their language skills.
The modules are trained in pairs Speaking and understanding (A), Writing and grammar (B), Comprehensive Reading and vocabulary (C) and Listening (D).

Students, who prepare for the NT2 Dutch state exams programme I, semi-advanced (B1) and programme II, advanced (B2) can attend language coaching in groups to enhance their language skills. Besides, language coaching of course also helps them to further develop themselves in their studies and work. They learn better to communicate and understand more by using Dutch actively in everyday practice.

Both exam training and language coaching take place in small groups of no more than 4 students at a time.

Schedule integration courses from September 2019

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