Schedule Kreda integration courses, Sep 2019-June 2020

Kreda’s integration courses are especially developed for people who have to take one of the Dutch exams, that are mandatory in order to retain their residence permit or to be naturalized as a Dutch citizen.

Kreda offers short and long Dutch courses, as well as the courses Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) and Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market, exam training and language coaching.

These courses are especially developed for Kreda to meet the demand for a professional integration course offer for new residents of our region.

Exam training & language coaching 

To those migrants, who prepare for the integration exam (A2) and the Dutch state exams B1 and B2, Kreda offers extra exam training and language coaching. Both are given in small groups of 4 persons max. The training consists of the modules Speaking (A), Writing (B), Reading (C) and Listening (D).

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Taalcursussen inburgering

Kreda offers courses Dutch language as a second language (NT2) ranging from a literacy course to level B2 of the levels as can be found within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the so-called CEFR-niveaus.

After successful completion of all courses students receive a certificat with the quality mark of Blik op Werk.

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Knowledge of the Dutch Society (KNM) and Orientation on the Labour Market in the Netherlands (ONA) are mandatory components of the Dutch integration (inburgering) exam and of the Dutch NT2 state exams, so that migrants can meet their integration obligation or can be naturalised as a Dutch citizen.

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