For migrants who have to take the integration exam, Kreda offers various Dutch courses at the required levels as laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For the mandatory language courses for the integration exam (Inburgering), students can apply for a loan at DUO.

After completing any of Kreda’s courses, students receives a certificate with the Blik op Werk quality mark.

Dutch Language Courses (NT2) for Inburgering

These language courses will run mainly during on working days (Monday thru Friday). Of the B1 and B2 courses there is also an evening course for students, that have found a job and need to work during the day.

Students of all levels must take into account, that they are required to study at home for a set number of hours weekly.

The courses must be completed in the order from A1- to B2. Only if a student can show during the intake interview, that he/she has completed NT2 courses before or has a better knowledge of the Dutch language, he/she will be allowed to enroll at a higher level.

After completing a course, students will receive a certificate with the Blik op Werk quality mark. 


For all B1-, B1, B2- and B2 courses a DUO loan can be applied for.

All B1-, B1, B2- and B2 courses take place during the day and in the evening
Duration lessons: 2,5/3 hours.

If your course is not on the Language Course Offer Inburgering, pleasecontact


Language courses Inburgering starting from September 2019

Application form (English)


Literacy and Dutch Group Courses for Beginners (A1- and A1)

Kreda has a literacy course for those not yet familiar with the Latin alphabet.


Dutch Day Courses for Beginners (A1-/A1)

After completing the A1-/A1 course students must be able to understand and use general everyday expressions and simple sentences in daily life. They can introduce themselves to others, ask and answer questions about their personal life (i.e. their address, people they know and things they own.) They can react in a simple manner, if the other person talks slowly and clearly and is willing to help.


Intensive Day Course for the Slightly Advanced (A1/A2- → A2)

The A1/A2- → A2 course is a continuation and reinforcement of the knowledge and skills obtained in the A1-, A1, A2- and A2 courses. The student can understand sentences and frequently occurring expressions, that are related to everyday matters (for example personal information, family, shops, local geography, work). They can communicate in simple and straightforward terms about their background, immediate environment and various needs.

When the student finishes the A2 course with a good result, they can be naturalized as a Dutch citizen.


Day and evening courses for the Semi-Advanced (B1)

After completing the B1-/B1 students can make themselves understood and have simple conversations in day to day life, in work, school and in their free time. They can produce a simple text about topics, that they know about or are interested in. They can describe experiences and events, their dreams, expectations and ambitions and briefly give descriptions and reasons for their opinions and plans. They have sufficient language skills to stay in the Netherlands, to follow training, to get their dream job, to support children at school or to be naturalized as a Dutch citizen.


Day and Evening Courses for the Advanced (B2)

After completing the B2 course students can understand complex texts about concrete as well as abstract topics.  They can understand conversations on everyday life and also on their own (professional) field of interest. They can communicate spontaneously and fluently, which facilitates conversing with the Dutch. They can produce clear, detailed texts about a broad scale of topics and give a personal opinion about an actual problem, that contains the advantages and disadvantages of different options. After completing the B2 course they have sufficient language skills to stay in the Netherlands, to study at HBO-schools or go to university, to work in jobs for highly educated people, to support their children at school or to be naturalized as a Dutch citizen.

The B2 course prepares for the NT2 program II state exam.